The Memphis Lift is a movement by and for parents (and grandparents) whose children attend or are zoned for chronically low-performing schools.


Founded in July 2015, The Memphis Lift network has grown to become a passionate group of over 1,000 volunteer parents, grandparents and concerned family members and community members who feel their children have been underserved in failing schools and their voices and concerns have not been heard.


The Memphis Lift is a parents’ movement to build widespread awareness of the criminal manner in which many Memphis school students are underserved; and to build widespread demand for high quality schools and radical changes in public education to disrupt systemic educational inequities through choice and healthy competition. We are insisting that our voices and concerns are heard and that changes are made.


We are staffed by parents and grandparents who live in the communities we serve. Our team understands firsthand the challenges faced by generational poverty and lack of education. We have stories of homelessness, abuse, loss and hunger. But each day we spend at The Memphis Lift gives us an opportunity to grow personally and professionally to change our own stories, the stories of our children and the story of Memphis. We invite you to take a few moments to meet our team.


We chose the name The Memphis Lift because we have been lifted up by the knowledge we have gained and the gratitude and love we receive from those who join our movement. We are committed to lifting the lives of the poor and underserved in Memphis.


Cultivate Capacity

We are only as strong as the parents we empower both internally and externally.

Drive Results

We are parents making things happen in the lives of families that we've never seen happen in Memphis.

Bust Barriers

We are here to disrupt the status quo.


We are a growing family, loving each other and the parents we serve.

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